Automated CRM for your Real Estate Investment Business!!

Using a CRM to Manage Your Real Estate Business

In real estate, many people use a CRM to manage seller leads. Depending on the size of your business, you may or may not think you need a software program to manage this aspect of your business. However, I can tell you from experience that even the smallest real estate company can benefit from using a CRM.

I will build your system and onboard and coach you and your team on using it

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We build lead generation into the system by an automated search of Craigslist in your target area and building seller lead records into Podio via integration. This gives you a heads up on any property that meets the criteria, usually off-market if its on Craigslist. You get notified of the posting as soon as it happens, so you can be the first to contact the seller.

When evaluating the subject property for an offer, you want to get to the facts as quick as possible. In our system, we have an automated integration with Zillow to get the property comparisons as soon as you enter the street address. You can then make a determination to go forward and offer a price to the seller.

When a seller is hard to reach, you might want to put them into an automated follow-up sequence. This allows you to stay in contact, yet move on to the next lead. We have a customized, easy to use follow-up campaign management process that allows you to fire it off with one click. The potential lead will get a series of emails and text messages letting them know you are still interested in helping them. This feature can be activated with one click of a button.

Getting your offer accepted can be in a matter of minutes when you need to act fast. Jumping in your car and rushing to a sellers location is not always an option. Especially if you are making 20-30 offers a day. Our automated process for making offers allows you, with a click of a button to send a pre-populated offer letter to the seller via email. This feature works from inside of Podio so you never have to open your email tool, fill out a response or attach a file. The system does it all for you. It creates the PDF and attaches automatically to the record for your review. All looks good, click the send button and off to the seller it goes.

Pricing:  I am always transparent on the cost to implement and run The System. Its taken over 3 years to get this CRM to where it is today.  A robust, scalable solution that you can count on to grow with your business needs….